Cheryl-Louise Bodytherapy

Pregnancy, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.

As a hairdresser I suffer from aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and lower back. Cheryl was very understanding and knowledgeable, as she has treated many hairdressers before. She was able to target these areas and work on dispersing the knots in my muscles and even discovered more down my spine. Cheryl was professional from start to finish and offered some valuable aftercare advice. I definitely recommend Cheryl and will be booking more treatments very soon.


I was bought a pregnancy massage treatment as a birthday gift when I was eight months pregnant. At the time I was suffering badly with restless leg syndrome (RLS) and swollen ankles and feet.

I was a little bit self-conscious at being so big and swollen but I needn’t have been. Cheryl made me feel at ease straightaway and I was totally comfortable. For the massage I was positioned on my side and Cheryl supported my large bump with pillows and wrapped me in a warm blanket so I could lie comfortably. It was a very relaxing treatment which eased the pain I had been feeling and I also got a good night’s sleep after which was fab!

I highly recommend Cheryl for a pregnancy massage and will be using her again as a treat for myself.

Many thanks